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Naupaka Blooming

Princess Leilani Kekoa stood barefoot at the edge of the rocky cliff, staring out at the blue ocean stretching endlessly around her. Strong winds whipped her long dark hair around her face. Far below, white-capped waves crashed up against the straight edge of the cliff. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, letting the sun warm her skin. She smiled, opened her eyes and jumped.

Her heart pounded as she soared through the air, weightless for a moment. Then gravity pulled her down. She straightened her body and arched her back. With her arms at her sides, her toes pointed down, she held her breath. Her fall only lasted a few seconds and then she plunged into the cool ocean water.


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Summer's Shadow

Summer Frost is a Native American woman with a chip on her shoulder. As a detective in Portland, Oregon, she takes her frustrations with the world out on the criminals she chases down. Even as she walks a fine line between right and wrong, she prides herself on always following the law. Until one day when she nearly loses her life trying to protect a friend from a kidnapping and Summer's spirit is released from her body. Summer's body is rushed to the hospital, still alive, while Summer's spirit rushes off to bring justice to the kidnappers.

Summer's Storm

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Summer's Serenity

Description coming soon. Please check my website for updates or sign up for my newsletter for new book releases!

Ancient – a trilogy about a Brazilian woman


Ancient - a trilogy about a Brazilian woman who wins a trip to Hawaii. She gets lost in the jungle during a guided hike and somehow steps through time and lands in ancient Hawaii. The ancient people mistake her for a Goddess. As she tries to find a way back to her time, she grows fond of the people and falls in love with a man. Will she ever make it back to where she belongs? And if she does will she ever be truly happy there now?


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Get notified about the next book in the series!
Best female centric romantic novels

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I always wanted to write but in my twenties I followed a more practical (safe!) career in business instead. Story ideas continued to come to me over the years though and I always jotted each one down, never taking the time to actually follow my true desire to be a writer. Until Hawaii!

My current project is a fantasy thriller series with a bit of romance mixed in. This time I set the story in Portland Oregon. No beaches :(

I met and married my soul mate in Hawaii (I had the beach wedding with the real live native Hawaiian priest that I’d always dreamed of!) We now have a 3 year old daughter and two dogs. We recently moved back to Portland where my husband is from. I love Portland but I sure do miss my beaches (and everything else about Hawaii…)

I love reading as much as I love writing. I’m a big fan of fantasy. I love exploring ideas such as time travel, astral projection, ghosts and guardian spirits and reincarnation. Get me hooked in a good book and I’m lost to the world!

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