Naupaka Blooming: A Hawaiian Romance

In ancient Hawaii, young princess Leilani has an auspicious encounter with a sea turtle, her family guardian spirit animal, and soon after she unexpectedly falls in love with Kanoa, a commoner, someone who she is forbidden from. The young lovers believe they have the blessings of the gods so they try to find a way to be together anyway. But dark forces have other plans for Leilani. Leilani and Kanoa are separated and their lives each end tragically. Ever after, the naupaka flower, the symbol of their love, mourns Leilani and Kanoa by growing with only half its petals.

Centuries later, Liz finds herself navigating a new life in Hawaii, the land of her ancient ancestors. Between making new friends and new romantic pursuits, she learns of the naupaka flower and its tragic love story. She has a strange encounter with a sea turtle and learns that the sea turtle is her ancestors’ guardian spirit animal. And then she finds herself intensely drawn to a local man she’s never met before. Or has she? When she starts having vivid dreams about what seems to be a prior life, she wonders. But dark forces gather against Liz now, much as they gathered against Leilani so long ago.

Will Liz ever find the love she’s always wanted, or will she — like Leilani before her — be caught up in a tragedy as old as the naupaka story itself?

Naupaka Blooming is a contemporary coming-of-age love story set on the beautiful island of Oahu. If you like tropical settings, cultural exploration, a little romance mixed with a little fantasy and compelling stories linking the past and present, then you’ll love this exotic novel from J.L. Eck.

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by J.L. Eck

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Princess Leilani Kekoa stood barefoot at the edge of the rocky cliff, staring out at the blue ocean stretching endlessly around her. Strong winds whipped her long dark hair around her face. Far below, white-capped waves crashed up against the straight edge of the cliff. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, letting the sun warm her skin. She smiled, opened her eyes and jumped.

Her heart pounded as she soared through the air, weightless for a moment. Then gravity pulled her down. She straightened her body and arched her back. With her arms at her sides, her toes pointed down, she held her breath. Her fall only lasted a few seconds and then she plunged into the cool ocean water.


Get notified about the next book in the series!

Get notified about the next book in the series!