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Hi, I’m Jaimie!

I always wanted to write but in my twenties I followed a more practical (safe!) career in business instead. Story ideas continued to come to me over the years though and I always jotted each one down, never taking the time to actually follow my true desire to be a writer. Until Hawaii!

My current project is a fantasy thriller series with a bit of romance mixed in. This time I set the story in Portland Oregon. No beaches 🙁

I met and married my soul mate in Hawaii (I had the beach wedding with the real live native Hawaiian priest that I’d always dreamed of!) We now have a 3 year old daughter and two dogs. We recently moved back to Portland where my husband is from. I love Portland but I sure do miss my beaches (and everything else about Hawaii…)

I love reading as much as I love writing. I’m a big fan of fantasy. I love exploring ideas such as time travel, astral projection, ghosts and guardian spirits and reincarnation. Get me hooked in a good book and I’m lost to the world!

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